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When I think back to the first time, I made my first million dollars ... I remember having mixed feelings. I knew I did nothing deliberate to earn it. It wasn't my focus. I was doing what I enjoyed and it just happened. I wasn't even aware of it.

When my accountant phoned me, she was speaking loudly and very fast. I have to tell her to slow down and when I finally understood what she was saying, that I have earned my first million but combined with taxes made, it felt good and bad.

My first impression was excitement but it came with tax baggage. It felt good and at the same time, it didn't feel great.

So, I devoted hours on learning from my accountant how I did it. From that day on I spent more time on my numbers.

I knew I was onto something. Thirty years later, I've used this specific strategy over and over again. And I’d been successful. 

And after mentoring my son, I created Entrepreneur Dream Team to help others do the same.

This have led to four new millionaires since 2017 and nearly 100 new and existing businesses.  In 2022 the goal is to create 100 millionaires!  

I'm sure 100 millionaires will be made, my question is, will YOU be NEXT?  
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My husband met Sherry when he was a photographer for one of her seminars. He came home excited to join. At that time, we had three children and one on the way. We were ready to jump off a cliff with no parachute. Investing in the Entrepreneur Dream Team was the best decision of our lives.

Fawn Whitehurst

I would follow Sherry to the moon and back! My life has changed drastically. When Sherry told me about her entrepreneur program I was about to retire as a school teacher. It was a no brainer. I told her to sign me up. The guest who were at the seminar who were already signed up were there to share their life-changing experience, I have never looked back. I receive a check every month larger than my monthly salary.

Maggie Warren

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

Jacqueline Copeland

I knew it was going to be great because Sherry had her son involved in the program. I've known her since childhood. She would not involve her son if it wasn't lucrative. I can't believe I'm making this kind of money!

Sherry Teaches : Life  is a Marathon ‚ÄčNot a Sprint

Entrepreneur Dream Team is a team of well connected and seasoned specialized experts who can produce life changing experiences. Which consist of Entrepreneurs, Developers, Contractors, Planners, Inspector, Realtors, Wholesalers, Financing- Lenders and Investors.

We are presently expanding our horizon seeking innovative individuals in Syndication, Marketing and Videography